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Mid-Life Chronic Inflammation tied to Dementia

Researchers at Johns Hopkins have added to evidence that chronic inflammation in middle and late age are linked to visible structural changes in brains of people with poor cognition and dementia....

Teaching Reading Focus of New Grant

ORI scientist Pat Vadasy, Ph.D., has just received funding to test phonics variations with support for flexible thinking for struggling K-1st grade readers.

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Paul RohdePaul Rohde, Ph.D., is a Senior Research Scientist at Oregon Research Institute (ORI). He received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Oregon in 1988, at which time he began work at ORI. His current research focuses on the prevention of adolescent depression, eating disorders, and obesity, and on the treatment of depression and eating disorders. Based on his clinical training and research, he tries to maintain an active schedule of “behavioral activation” with exercise, painting, singing in a choir, fiction reading, dogwalking, and socializing when not at ORI. Dr. Rohde has directed or co-directed 23 federally-funded research projects and has published over 150 research-based articles. He is a licensed psychologist.