Opportunities for Researchers


Oregon Research Institute is committed to scientific freedom and scientific excellence and provides a thriving, collegial research community for early career scientists and seasoned researchers alike. ORI's broad research program includes promoting healthy child development, prevention of eating disorders, coping with depression, improving physical health across the life span, and prevention and treatment of substance use disorders.

Early career investigators are mentored to grow into independent, established scientists, and seasoned researchers find at ORI the freedom to pursue their own research program with few administrative or bureaucratic barriers. Advancement can be rapid and is free from the departmental hierarchy experienced at academic institutions.

Research scientists work in teams across research grants, creating a dynamic synergy that fuels increased collaboration and transdisciplinary studies, and sparks new research questions. Research clusters bring together scientists and practitioners doing related work on the risk and protective factors for social and health problems, on the interventions that can be delivered, and on the delivery and further monitoring of the impact of interventions in the real world. ORI investigators often partner with scientists and graduate students from the University of Oregon, Oregon State University, and the Oregon Health & Science University.

A central administrative staff provides responsive, professional, timely support so that investigators may focus entirely on their science.

ORI has a democratically managed governance system of employee committees, councils, and Board of Directors. Employees actively participate in decisions about institutional policies and procedures. This fosters a culture of equity and inclusion.

Scientist salary placement relies upon a fair and objective points system based on scientific accomplishments.

ORI offers the opportunity to also work with two affiliated organizations:  Oregon Research Behavioral Intervention Strategies (OR-BIS) and ORI Community & Evaluation Services (ORI-CES).  This three-part ecology of affiliated organizations provides multiple avenues for pursuit of opportunities to conduct research and make a difference in the world.

ORBIS logoOR-BIS is a for-profit affiliate of ORI whose mission is to apply the behavioral sciences to the improvement of human well-being through the development and commercialization of evidence-based products and programs directed at health care and education.

ORI CES logoORI-CES is a non-profit affiliate of ORI that operates in close association and cooperation with ORI and is dedicated to improving individual and community health and well-being through providing evaluation and intervention services to the public and private sectors.