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ORI Scientist Tony Biglan receives award from the Society for Advancement of Behavioral Analysis

ORI senior scientist Tony Biglan, Ph.D., is the recipient of the 2017 Award for Scientific Translation from the Society for Advancement of Behavioral Analysis (SABA).

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Mental health programs in schools -- Growing body of evidence supports effectiveness

School-based mental health programs can reach large numbers of children, with increasing evidence of effectiveness in improving mental health, according to a research review.

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High Use of Electronic Cigarettes seen in 8th-9th graders in Oregon

An ORI study shows rates of  e-cigarette use among Oregon 8th & 9th graders is higher than national samples, and that e-cigarette use is closely linked with marijuana & other tobacco use. ...

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New Grant to study obesity treatment.

Eric Stice and his team have received funding to test a computer-based brain training program to promote lasting weight loss in overweight individuals.

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