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ORI study on teen marijuana use cited in Register Guard news report.

ORI study on teen use of marijuana cited in Eugene Register Guard news article. 

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ORI Mourns Passing of Tom Dishion, Ph.D.

ORI joins colleagues worldwide in mourning the recent passing of ORI scientist & prevention science luminary Thomas J. Dishion, Ph.D.

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Some Calories More Harmful Than Others

ORI senior scientist Eric Stice, Ph.D contributed to a position paper in Obesity Reviews warning that sugar-sweetened beverages clearly increase risk for chronic diseases.

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Does Vaping Help or Harm Tobacco Reduction?

ORI scientist Erika Westling, Ph.D., comments on aggressive marketing of e-cigarettes to youth. "A lot of these kids think that it’s just flavored water, so no big deal.”

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Physical Inactivity, Overweight & Obesity in Childhood

Children's own motor competence and their physical self-concept (aka perceived motor competence) play a major part in increasing the amount of time spent on exercise.

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