Blacks in Government Honors ORI

Categories: Awards & Recognition

Type: News

Date Published: 02/10/2014

Oregon Research Institute received the 2014 Special Award from the Blacks in Government Executive Team. The award was presented at the Black History Month Banquet on Friday, February 7.

ORI strives to conduct research that can address the needs of an increasingly diverse U.S. population while promoting the diversification of the scientific community through scholarship and mentorship programs. Said Administrative Director Byron Glildden at the Black History Month Banquet: “Not only do we wish our organization to mirror the community we live in, but our goal is for the research we do to enhance the lives of all community members.”

Part of ORI’s commitment to this vision is the Diversity Interest Group (DIG), which seeks to promote the relevancy of ORI’s research in a multicultural society and the competency of its workforce in its response to the needs of diverse populations. This year, DIG launched the ORI Diversity Interest Group Scholarship Award Program.