Obesity Prevention Program Funded

Categories: New Grant Award

Type: News

Date Published: 09/24/2018

Currently, there are very few programs that have shown success in preventing obesity, especially in  adolescents and young adults. Senior scientists Eric Stice, Ph.D., Paul Rohde, Ph.D., and Heather Shaw, Ph.D., have developed a brief group intervention that is designed to prevent obesity by promoting healthy diet and exercise behaviors and actively highlighting the negative costs of obesity, unhealthy eating and a sedentary lifestyle. The investigators will test if this intervention is more effective in groups of only women and only men, versus mixed gender groups. Additionally, scientists are studying if adding in computer trainings designed to help people avoid wanting to eat unhealthy foods will further reduce future weight gain. Collaborating with Drexel University in Philadelphia, the study will recruit 450 older adolescents to participate in a series of lifestyles coaching classes designed to help prevent future weight gain.

A brief effective obesity prevention program that can be easily, inexpensively, and broadly implemented to late adolescents at risk for excess weight gain could markedly reduce the prevalence of obesity and associated morbidity and mortality.