A Multi-Media Approach to Partner Support in Smokeless Tobacco Cessation

New methods are needed to expand the reach of smokeless tobacco (ST) cessation programs to the many ST users who do not seek treatment on their own. The overall goal of this proposal is to evaluate an innovative approach to encouraging ST users to quit, by enlisting the help and support of their wives or domestic partners, both to encourage the ST users to engage in treatment and to help them follow through with long-term abstinence.

In an earlier study, Dr. Akers and her team developed a guidebook that taught women supportive behaviors to help their husbands/partners quit smokeless tobacco. The current study expands the guidebook and creates two websites (a basic version and an enhanced version with interactive features, videos, and forums) using this material. Investigators will then conduct a randomized trial comparing these two websites with each other and a delayed treatment control condition, to see which is most effective in teaching women supportive behaviors and thereby increasing their partners’ smokeless tobacco cessation rates.


9/1/12 - 8/31/18


National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)