Perceptions, Initiation, and Use of E-cigarettes Among Middle School Students: A New Generation of Tobacco Users?

A rapid rise in adolescent use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) is a significant public health concern, as the effects of using e-cigarettes are largely unknown. Researchers are teaming up with middle school students to learn what youth think about e-cigarettes, how common e-cigarette use is, & if e-cigarette use leads to use of other tobacco products.
Co Investigators

Youth are using electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) at a rapidly increasing rate. Unfortunately, there is a lack of scientific knowledge regarding why e-cigarettes appeal to youth, the effects of ecigarette use, and how e-cigarette marketing influences adolescents’ beliefs, intentions, and willingness to use these novel tobacco products.

Investigators are using multiple methods of data collection with middle school youth to assess the appeal and perceptions of e-cigarettes, whether e-cigarettes are acting as a “gateway” to combustible tobacco products, and if youth are becoming dependent on nicotine from e-cigarette use. Data collected will contribute to the currently sparse body of scientific knowledge and guide future regulation of e-cigarettes by the FDA.


9/20/16 - 8/31/18


National Cancer Institute (NCI)