Web Based Parenting Intervention for Mothers of Infants At Risk for Maltreatment

Investigators are evaluating an internet-based parent education intervention to promote responsive parenting and infant social-emotional development.
Co Investigators

Parents of infants living in poverty are at a significantly elevated risk of a host of detrimental outcomes, including the development of child behavior problems, neglect and abuse of children, child learning problems and parental substance abuse. Research has found that intervening early to improve parenting skills is effective at reducing these risks. Yet rural families have very limited access to mental health and parenting services. The meteoric rise of the Interent as a tool for teaching and for providing social support provides a way for rural families to get the help they need. The project investigators are testing an evidence-based program to see how well it works over the Internet, and to see how well rural families like using the program.


9/28/10 - 7/31/15


National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)


We are in our final year and recruitment is now closed.


Feil, Edward G., Sprengelmeyer, Peter G., Davis, Betsy, & Chamberlain, Patricia (2012). Development and Testing of a Multimedia Internet-Based System for Fidelity and Monitoring of Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 14 (5): e139.

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Feil, E. G., Baggett, K., Davis, B., Sheeber, L., Landry, S., Cart, J., & Buzhardt, J. (2008). Expanding the reach of preventive interventions: Development of an Internet-based training for parents of infants. Child Maltreatment, 13, 334-346. 

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