Carolyn Denton, Ph.D., Senior Scientist

Education & Training

Bachelor of Music, 1974
University of North Texas
Music Education
Magna cum Laude

Master of Education, 1996
Texas A& M University
Educational Psychology

Ph.D., 2000
Texas A&M University
Educational Psychology

Carolyn Denton has conducted research on children with reading disabilities, ranging from intervention research on beginning readers and the instruction of decoding and foundation reading skills to research on middle school students struggling with comprehension. Dr. Denton's research on reading interventions for children with serious reading disabilities has included neuroimaging components that demonstrated changes in the patterns of brain processing with intensive reading intervention. Carolyn’s research has been supported with grants from the Institute of Education Sciences and the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. Her more recent research examines interventions for children with comorbid ADHD and reading disability, and research on the role of visual impairments in reading.  In her work, Carolyn has collaborated with many leading researchers in the field (David Francis, Jack Fletcher, and Sharon Vaughn). Her research has included randomized trials and difficult to implement classroom based intervention studies.

Current Projects


Grimm, R.P., Solari, E.J., McIntyre, N.S., & Denton, C.A. (in press). Early reading skill profiles in typically developing and at-risk first grade readers to inform targeted early reading instruction. Journal of School Psychology.


Solari, E.J., Denton, C.A., Petscher, Y., & Haring, C. (2018). A pilot study of “Reading RULES,” A first grade Tier 2 intervention targeting both comprehension and decoding. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 11(2), 163-191.

Mano, Q. R., Jastrowski Mano, K. E., Guerin, J., Gibler, R., Becker, S., Epstein, J. N., Denton, C. A., & Tamm, L. (2018). Fluid reasoning and reading difficulties among children with ADHD. Applied Neuropsychology: Child.


Abstract or Full Text

Denton, C.A., York, M.J., Francis, D.J., Haring, C., Ahmed, Y., & Bidulescu, A. (2017). An investigation of an intervention approach to promote inference generation by adolescent poor comprehenders. Learning Disabilities Research & Practice. 32(2), 85-98. 

Mano, Q. R., Jastrowski Mano, K. E., Tamm, L., Denton, C. A., & Esptein, J. N. (2017). Gender moderates association between emotional-behavioral problems and text comprehension in children with both reading difficulties and ADHD. Psychology in the Schools, 54.5 (2017): 504-518.

Abstract or Full Text

Solari, E. J., Denton, C. A., & Haring, C. (2017). How to reach first-grade struggling readers: An integrated instructional approach. TEACHING Exceptional Children, 49(3), 149-159.



1986-1988 Instructor, Trinidad State Junior College

Department of Music, Trinidad, Colorado

2001-2003 Research Assistant Professor

University of Texas Health Science Center Houston-Medical School, Department of Pediatrics, Center for Academic and Reading Skills

2003-2007 Assistant Professor

University of Texas at Austin, Department of Special Education

2007- 2013 Associate Professor

University of Texas Health Science Center Houston-Medical School, Department of Pediatrics, Children’s Learning Institute

2013-Present Professor

University of Texas Health Science Center Houston-McGovern Medical School, Department of Pediatrics, Children’s Learning Institute




  • Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness




  • International Dyslexia Association
  • Society for the Scientific Study of Reading
  • Council for Exceptional Children