Elizabeth Tildesley, Ph.D.


Education & Training

B.A., 1975
American University, Washington, D.C.

Ph.D., 1992
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Educational Psychology

During Dr. Tildesley's involvement with the Oregon Youth Substance Use Project (OYSUP, DA10767) and other substance-use related projects she has refined her expertise on the etiology of substance use and statistical methods for examining the development and outcomes of adolescent and young adult substance use behavior. Dr. Tildesley has considerable experience using innovative methods of analysis including SEM, LGM, LGMM and Latent Transition Analysis and has published using these techniques.

Current Projects

Salivary Biomarkers (DNA, RNA and Cortisol), Life Stress and Nicotine Dependence


09/30/09 - 08/31/12


National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)




Principal Investigator
Judy Andrews

Anne Simons, Elizabeth Tildesley

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Abstract or Full Text

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Abstract or Full Text

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Abstract or Full Text

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Abstract or Full Text

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Abstract or Full Text

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