Manuel Barrera Jr., Ph.D.


Education & Training

B.S., 1971
University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

M.A., 1975
University of Oregon
Clinical Psychology

Ph.D., 1977
University of Oregon
Clinical Psychology

Dr. Barrera's research interests include prevention and behavioral treatment for type 2 diabetes, social support interventions, and behavioral health interventions for Latino families.

Current Projects



Barrera, M, Toobert, D. J., & Strycker L. A. (2014). Relative Contributions of Naturalistic and Constructed Support: Two Studies of Women with Type 2 Diabetes. Journal of Behavioral Medicine, Volume 37, Issue 1 (2014), Page 59-69.

Abstract or Full Text

Barrera, M, Toobert, D. J., Strycker, L. A., & Osuna, D. (2012). Health Psychology in Practice: Adaptation of a Lifestyle Change Intervention for Latinas with Type 2 Diabetes. In G. Bernal and M. M. Rodriguez (Eds.), Cultural adaptations: Tools for evidence-based practice with diverse populations. Washington, DC: APA.

Toobert DJ, Glasgow RE. Strycker LA, Barrera M Jr, King DK (2012). Adapting and RE-aiming a Heart Disease Prevention Program for Older Women with Diabetes. Translational Behavioral Medicine 2012; 2:180–187.

Abstract or Full Text

Barrera, M. J., Castro, F. G., Strycker, L. A., & Toobert, D. J. (2013). Cultural adaptations of behavioral health interventions: A progress report. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 81(2), 196–205. doi:10.1037/a0027085

Abstract or Full Text

Barrera, M., Jr., Toobert, D., Strycker, L., & Osuna, D. (2012). Effects of acculturation on a culturally adapted diabetes intervention for Latinas. Health Psychology, 31(1):51-4.

Toobert, D. J., Strycker, L. A., Smith, M. L., Barrera, M., Duncan, Terry E., Klesges, L. M., Resnicow, K., Elliot, D. L., Ory, M. G., Williams, G., Greene, G. W., Nebeling, L., Peterson, K. E., & Yaroch, A. L. (2012). Social resources as a mediator of dietary and physical activity change in a multi-site sample. Journal of Health Behavior and Public Health, 2(3): 15-26.

Abstract or Full Text

Toobert DJ, Strycker LA, Barrera M Jr, Glasgow RE. (2011). 7-year follow-up of a multiple health behavior intervention for diabetes. American Journal of Health Behavior. 34(6), 680-694. NIHMS 182399

Hops, H., Ozechowski T. J. Waldron, H.  B., Davis, B., Turner, C. W., Brody, J. L., & Barrera, M. (2011). Adolescent Health-Risk Sexual Behaviors: Effects of a Drug Abuse Intervention Aids and Behavior, 15(8), 1664-1676.

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Abstract or Full Text

Barrera M., Jr., Toobert, D. J., Strycker, L. A., Osuna, D., King, D.K., Glasgow, R.E. (2011). Multiple behavior change interventions for women with type 2 diabetes. Diabetes Spectrum, 24(2), 75-80.

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Smolkowski, K., Biglan, A., Barrera, M., Taylor, T., Black, C., & Blair, J. (2005). Schools and homes in partnership (SHIP): Long-term effects of a preventive intervention focused on social behavior and reading skill in early elementary school. Prevention Science, 6, 113-125.

Glasgow, R.E., Boles, S.M., McKay, H.G., Feil, E.G., & Barrera, M., Jr. (2003). The D-Net diabetes self-management program: Long-term implementation, outcomes, and generalization results. Preventive Medicine, 36, 410-419.

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Lewinsohn, P. M., Glasgow, R. E., Barrera, M., Danaher, B. G., Alperson, J., McCarty, D. L., Sullivan, J. M., Zeiss, R. A., Nyland, J., & Rodrigues, M. R. P. (1977). Assessment and treatment of patients with memory deficits: Initial studies. JSAS Catalog of Selected Documents in Psychology, 2, 79-80 (MS. #1538).


August 1990 -present
Professor, Department of Psychology,
Arizona State University,

March 1995 - present
Senior Research Scientist,
Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, Oregon

August 1997 - July 1998; August 2000 - July 2001; August 2004-July 2005
Acting Director of Clinical Training, Clinical Psychology Graduate Program,
Department of Psychology, Arizona State University

July 1991 - January 1992
Visiting Research Scientist,
Oregon Research Institute, Eugene, Oregon

August 1982-July 1990
Associate Professor,
Department of Psychology, Arizona State University

July 1987-June 1992
Director, Clinical Psychology Center,
Arizona State University

August 1984-July 1985
Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry,
University of California, San Francisco

August 1977-July 1982
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology,
Arizona State University

September 1977-present
Licensed Psychologist,
State of Arizona (License #652)

September 1976- August 1977
Clinical Psychology Intern,
Veterans Administration Medical Center, Palo Alto, California

June 1973- September 1973
Clinical Psychology Trainee,
Veterans Administration Medical Center, Palo Alto, California

August 1971-July 1972
Manpower Specialist,
Wisconsin State Employment Service, Madison