Governance Structure

ORI is unique among independent research centers in that it has a democratically-managed governance structure made up of employee committees, councils, and Board of Directors. ORI highly values and encourages employee participation, open communication, teamwork, and consensus decision-making. All ORI employees are encouraged to participate in organizational decisions. Policies are drafted at the committee level, presented to the two councils (Scientist Council and Science Support Council), and adopted by the Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of 5 scientists, 5 science support staff, and 5 community members. ORI's Director of Finance & Administration and Science Director report to the Board of Directors.

Research scientists at ORI enjoy scientific autonomy in a collegial workplace dedicated to scientific rigor and excellence.

Chris ArthunChris Arthun is ORI's Director of Finance & Administration (DFA). Chris has a strong background in organizational development, management, and psychology. The DFA oversees fiscal operations and supervises the 25+ administrative employees who keep the doors open and the lights on.

Carol MetzlerCarol W. Metzler, Ph.D., is ORI's Science Director (SD). Carol joined ORI in 1990 and has been an ORI scientist since 1993. Her research focuses on evaluating the efficacy of family and school interventions for reducing or preventing behavior problems in children and youth. The Science Director is the principal liaison between the scientists and ORI administration and is the primary external spokesperson and external relations coordinator for the Institute.