Adolescent Screening and Personalized Intervention Resource for Mild/Moderate Substance Abuse and Co-Occurring Problems

Researchers are developing and pilot testing a web-based personalized & youth-centered mobile app that will allow youth service providers to offer broad-scale service delivery at low cost and expand early treatment for underserved adolescents with co-occurring problems.

Substance use, disruptive behavior, depression, and trauma-related stress are commonly co-occurring problems among youth, yet only a small fraction receive needed treatment services due to the dearth of accessible, effective early treatment resources within the juvenile justice system (JJS). Participants will be adolscents who have been referred to the JJS for services for early, low-to-moderate offenses (e.g., truancy, minor-in-possession of tobacco or alcohol, driving citations.

The intervention will address the well-established bidirectional relationship between substance use (SU) and co-occurring behavioral problems (CPs) which is a defining characteristic of JJS involved youth (JIY). Addionally, in keeping with contemporary patient- and youth-centered health care delivery models, the mobile health intervention will have an interactive design permitting youth to receive feedback and
make active choices about the care they receive. This type youth-centered approach is a clear departure from traditional JJS service models.



6/1/22 - 4/30/25


National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)