Brief Precision Behavioral Health Screening and Early Intervention for Rural Youth

Researchers are developing a web-based platform to help mental health service providers reach rural and underserved youth.
Co Investigators

The unmet behavioral health needs of adolescents have reached a crisis level. State and local youth service providers are least able to meet youths’ needs, especially in sparsely populated rural areas, minority youth and those with co-occurring substance use and other behavioral health problems.

Research scientists are developing and testing a web-based personalized, youth-centered intervention that will allow service providers to offer broad-scale services at low cost and expand early treatment for underserved adolescents with co-occurring problems.

This is a subaward with Influents Innovations from the Centers for Disease Contrl and Prevention (CDC)


9/30/22 - 9/29/23


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)