Efficacy Trial of Carescapes: Promoting Social Development in Home-based Child Care

The research team is testing how well the Carescapes program works in helping child care providers improve the quality of care they provide.
Co Investigators

Rusby and her team are evaluating an intervention program for family child care providers on promoting social development in young children. The video-based program teaches practical strategies for enriching and organizing the child care environment, as well as proactive practices for dealing with challenging behavior and teaching social skills. This project is expected to improve the quality of care in child care homes, and subsequently increase children’s social competence. This research will longitudinally measure children’s social outcomes from preschool to Kindergarten, and will contribute to our general knowledge about children’s temperament, social development, and school readiness. Thus, this project will contribute to national efforts to improve the quality of child care and the healthy social development of children.


3/1/09 - 2/28/14


United States Department of Education