Implementation Support for Prevention Program Delivery by College Peer Educators

Investigators are working with Peer Educators at colleges and universities to deliver group-based prevention programs designed to improve body satisfaction.

Most evidence-based prevention and treatment interventions are not routinely implemented with college students, who represent a large group of young adults at high risk for mental health problems. One cost effective method of addressing this service shortfall with enormous potential reach is for peer educators to deliver scripted group-based prevention programs. This project, which will evaluate 3 approaches of implementation support for peer leaders who will deliver a prevention program with a particularly strong evidence-base compared to changes observed in outcomes in response to usual care at the universities before implementation, will advance knowledge of this innovative and economical way to provide college prevention programs to reduce the burden of mental illness in this population.


12/15/17 - 11/30/22


National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)