Internet Implementation of Empirically-Supported Interventions that can be Remotely Delivered in Authentic Preschool Programs for Mothers and Teachers: Evaluation of Direct Child and Teacher Outcomes

In a subcontract with the University of Texas-Houston and with funding from the U. S. Department of Education, ORI researchers are assessing the Internet adaptations of two evidence-based school and home pre-kindergarten programs.
Co Investigators

In this study, investigators are examining how a more accessible training delivery mechanism for two evidence-based school and home pre-kindergarten (pre-k) interventions affects adults’ skill acquisition and child outcomes. The complementary interventions train teachers and parents in responsiveness skills and cognitive facilitation approaches. By examining the cost-effectiveness of an ongoing, face-to-face efficacy study of the paired interventions compared to this project’s new web-based delivery method, the research team will ascertain if the technology-mediated approach can produce similar effects of practical importance at lower costs.


7/1/14 - 6/30/18


United States Department of Education