MomNet: Development of a Coach-Training Program for an Empirically Supported, Guided eHealth Intervention for Depressed Mothers

Investigators are testing the effectiveness of an evidence-based, coach-guided eHealth intervention to prevent maternal depression.

Economically disadvantaged mothers of young children experience high rates of depressive symptoms, yet often do not receive treatment due to geographical and psychological barriers. Remission of maternal depression is linked to improvements in both parenting behavior and child functioning, suggesting that treatment of maternal depression has the potential to improve outcomes across generations.

To increase access to evidence-based depression treatment, researchers developed Mom-Net, a coach-guided, e-health intervention for depressed mothers of young children. In this study investigators are measuring the effectiveness of remote vs in-person coach training.

This is a subaward from Influents Innovations from the National Institute of Mental Health.


4/10/23 - 3/31/24


National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)