Online vs Staff Delivery: Child & Family Outcomes, Cost Analysis and Satisfaction

ORI scientists are teaming up with Ron Prinz, Ph.D., University of South Carolina, to test whether online delivery of a parenting intervention is as effective as a staff-delivered version. They are comparing the effects of both versions on childhood disruptive behavior problems and parenting behaviors and are also conducting a cost analysis.
Co Investigators

This project addresses a serious and all-too-frequent public health problem, namely early-onset disruptive behavior problems in young children. The focus is on testing an online treatment program which teaches parents how to help improve their children’s emotional, social, and behavioral functioning. At the conclusion of this project, we will know how well the online-delivered program works compared with an established staff-delivered program, with respect to child adjustment, parenting, parent/family stress, parent satisfaction, and cost analysis.


9/5/13 - 8/31/19


National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)