Preventing Falls and Frailty in Prostate Cancer Survivors: GET FIT Prostate

The investigators are adapting an evidence-based Tai Ji Quan program to decrease the risk of falls and frailty in prostate cancer survivors.

Prostate cancer survivors may be at higher bone fracture risk due to bone and muscle destroying treatments. A major focus of this research is to test the ability of a specific exercise intervention developed to reduce fracture risk and improve quality of life in prostate cancer survivors. The intervention is based upon Moving for Better Balance, a Tai Ji Quan program developed by ORI scientist Fuzhong Li, Ph.D.

Beyond fracture risk, the intersection of aging and cancer treatment can increase the risk of frailty and loss of independence in older cancer survivors. Exercise may prevent frailty development, and determining the optimal type and amount of exercise is critical. If effective, the program will be disseminated and broadly implemented in the greater cancer survivor community, including frail elders and rural adults. This is a subaward with Oregon Health & Science University from the National Cancer Institute.


7/23/18 - 6/30/23


National Cancer Institute (NCI)