Social and Emotional Learning Study Groups for Educators of Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

Investigators are studying the importance of social and emotional learning in relation to the academic and overall success of elementary school students.
Co Investigators

Researchers are studying how social and emotional learning, or SEL, is vital to a student’s success, in the classroom and in life. SEL teaches students how to be aware and manage their feelings while understanding others in any environment because they have learned to do so in a safe and positive SEL environment at school.

A key benefit of this project includes giving participating elementary educators the ability to deliver appropriate SEL instruction to all early elementary learners in grades kindergarten through third, including those with or at risk for emotional and behavior disorders. The program will begin in three Alabama school districts and will eventually expand throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida.

This is a subaward with the University of Alabama from the Department of Education.

Press release from the University of Alabama


10/1/20 - 9/30/23


Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education