Marie Boman-Davis, Ph.D., Associate Scientist

Education & Training

Marie Boman-Davis is an Associate Scientist at ORI. She has a Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health - Health Behavior. Boman-Davis also received training through the Cornelius Hopper Diversity Award from the Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program and received a Predoctoral Behavioral Scientists Fellowship from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Her research interests include public health, health behavior, and tobacco control.

Current Projects


Barral, Ana Maria, Simmons, Rachel, Boman-Davis, Marie, & Bowman, Jeff. (2020). CUREing Ocean Plastic Microbes: Positive Experience of Engaging Non?traditional Undergraduate Students in a Hispanic?Serving Institution. The FASEB Journal. 34. 1-1.

Boman-Davis, Marie, Jiménez, Jessica, & Yokum, Sonja. (2020). Food Insecurity and Likely Psychological Distress: Isolation of BMI and Income among Women in California. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition. 16. 1-14.

Hovell, M. F., Bellettiere, J., Liles, S., Nguyen, B., Berardi, V., Johnson, C., Matt, G.E., Malone, J., Boman-Davis, M.C., . . . Hughes, S. C. (2020). Randomised controlled trial of real-time feedback and brief coaching to reduce indoor smoking. Tobacco Control;2020 Mar;29 (2):183-190.

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Kassem, N.O., Jackson S.R., Boman-Davis, M., Kassem, N.O., Liles, S., Daffa, R.M., Yasmin, R., Madanat, H., Hovell, M.F. (2015) Hookah Smoking and Facilitators/Barriers to Lounge Use among Students at a US University. American Journal of Health Behavior 39(6):832-848.

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Hovell, M.F., Adams, M.A., Hofstetter, C.R., Martinez-Donate, A.P., Gonzalez-Perez, G.J., Rovniak, L.S., Boman-Davis, M.C. (2014) Complete Home Smoking Bans and Antitobacco Contingencies: A Natural Experiment. Nicotine & Tobacco Research. 16(2): 186-196.

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Bellettiere, J., Hughes, S. C., Liles, S., Boman-Davis, M., Klepeis, N. E., Blumberg, E., Mills, J., Berardi, V., Obayashi, S., Allen, T. T., & Hovell, M. F. (2014). Developing and Selecting Auditory Warnings for a Real-Time Behavioral Intervention. American Journal of Public Health Research, 2(6), 232-238.

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Klepeis NE, Hughes SC, Edwards RD, Allen T, Johnson M, Chowdhury Z, Smith K, Boman-Davis M, Bellettiere J, Hovell MF. (2013). Promoting Smoke-Free Homes: A Novel Behavioral Intervention Using Real-Time Audio-Visual Feedback on Airborne Particle Levels. PLoS ONE 8(8): e73251.

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Al-Delaimy, W.K., White, M.M., Mills, A.L., Pierce, J.P., Emory, K., Boman, M., Smith, J., Edland, S. (2010). Final Summary Report of Two Decades of the California Tobacco Control Program: California Tobacco Survey, 1990-2008. La Jolla, CA: University of California, San Diego.


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COVID-19 Epidemiology Data & Quality Assurance Supervisor
Washington County Department of Health & Human Services
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Owner, Health Equity Research and Evaluation, Hillsboro, OR

Assistant Professor, Department of Community Health
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Academic Program Director, Department of Community Health
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Adjunct Faculty, Department of Community Health
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Grant Writer, Sacramento Chinese Community Service Center
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Independent Tobacco Control Consultant, San Diego, CA

Prevention Specialist, Communities Against Substance Abuse
El Cajon, CA (Competitive Grantee of the former CaliforniaTobacco Control Section)