Shawn M. Boles, Ph.D., Associate Scientist Emeritus


Education & Training

A.B., 1965
Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, GA
cum laude

Ph.D., 1971
Georgia State University, Atlanta, GA
Experimental Psychology

Shawn Boles is Associate Scientist Emeritus (Oregon Research Institute) and Senior Research Associate, Emeritus (Center on Human Development, University of Oregon). He received his A.B. degree in Psychology from Oglethorpe University in 1965, followed by two years teaching general science as a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines. He returned from that endeavor to attend Georgia State University, receiving his Ph.D. (1971) in Experimental Psychology (Mathematical Learning Theory) with a minor in the Philosophy of Science.

Following a year as Chair of the Psychology Department at Oglethorpe University, he moved to applied research in Human Services settings—initially at the Georgia Retardation Center and then at the University of Oregon’s Center on Human Development, where he developed, evaluated, and disseminated residential, school, and vocational models for citizens with Developmental Disabilities. He was also a member of the University Creativity Research Group.

Over the past three decades at Oregon Research Institute he served as co-investigator of research studies focused on assessing the impact of behavior change programs in public health and educational settings. He also served two terms as a Eugene City Councilor.

In retirement, he studies contributions of the social sciences to achieving sustainable practices and writes the occasional haiku.

Current Projects

Communities and Schools Together for Childhood Obesity Prevention



05/01/08 - 04/30/14


National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD)




Principal Investigator
Deborah Johnson-Shelton

Shawn Boles

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Senior Research Associate & Associate Research Scientist,
Oregon Research Institute

Senior Research Analyst,
Oregon Research Institute

Senior Research Associate,
Center on Human Development, University of Oregon

Research Associate, Developmental Disabilities Faculty, Division of Special Education and Rehabilitation,
College of Education, University of Oregon

Director, Microcomputer Decision Support Center (McDSC),
College of Education, University of Oregon

Consultant, Ministry of Social Services,
Commonwealth of Australia

Director of Planning and Evaluation, Specialized Training Program,
Center on Human Development, University of Oregon

Director, Resource Treatment Unit B,
Georgia Retardation Center

Service Director, Special Education Program,
Georgia Retardation Center

Consultant, Georgia Retardation Center

Chairman, Department of Psychology,
Oglethorpe University