Vincent Chirimwami, Ph.D., Associate Scientist

Education & Training

Ph.D., 2019
Walden University, Minneapolis, MN
Public Policy and Administration

M.A., 2014
Portland State University, Portland, OR
Conflict Resolution

M.S., 2011
Portland State University, Portland, OR
Special Education

B.A., 2009
Portland State University, Portland, OR
Liberal Studies

Dr. Chirimwami’s research interest focuses on developing integrated and efficient prevention strategies into large scale delivery systems, particularly in neighborhoods and communities of concentrated disadvantage, to reduce education and health disparities. Specifically, he investigates how prevention science and quality implementation of evidence-based programs can redress the impacts of public policies that put historically disenfranchised populations at a disadvantage in education, health, and economic mobility.

His work is framed by several social and developmental theories, including the social construction of target populations, organizational, critical race, self-determination, contact, attachment, social learning, and social support theories. He uses a variation of cutting-edge methods to explore the complex and multi-faceted nature of research and the role of governments in addressing inequalities. He strives to conduct research that spans different domains (e.g., biological, behavioral, physical/built environment, sociocultural environment) and levels of influence (e.g., individual, interpersonal, community, institutional, and societal) to advance education and health equity through the lenses of social justice.

Current Projects


Chirimwami, V. (2019). Influence of educational equity policies on high school graduation rates for Black students (Doctoral Thesis). ProQuest Dissertations & Thesis Global (Document ID 232769300).

Tint, B., Chirimwami, V., Clarke, R., Johnson, M., Koehler, J. & Lind, M. (2017). Dialogue. In B. Tint (Ed), Diasporas in Dialogue (pp. 62 - 130), Malden, MA: Wiley Blackwell

Tint, B., Chirimwami, V. & Sarkis, C. (2014). Diaspora in Dialogue: Lessons from reconciliation efforts in African refugee communities. Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 32(2), 177-202

Tint, B., Koehler, J., Chirimwami, V., Abijuru, M., Haji, S., Dogo, D., Lass, C., & Johnson, M. (2013). Voices from the diaspora: Reconciliation and capacity building in refugee communities from the Great Lakes region of Africa. In R. DuMont, Hastings, T. & Emiko, N. (Eds), Conflict Transformation: Essays on Methods of Nonviolence. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc.


2020 - Present
Associate Research Scientist,  Oregon Research Institute

2015 - Present
Part-Time Lecturer at Portland Community College

2009 - Present
K-12 Certified Teacher (OR), endorsed to teach Special Education, English for Speaker of Other language (ESOL), and French.